Zebra ClickArt Water-based Marker Pen

Great quality alternative to Flair pens with a solid body, vibrant colors, and retractable style

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  • No pen caps to keep track of!
  • Vibrant, beautiful colors
  • Can bleed through thinner paper

About Zebra ClickArt Water-based Marker Pen

The Zebra Clickart marker pens are a great alternative to the popular Flair pens if you don’t enjoy writing with those. They use water-based ink and are bright and colorful and have a good handfeel and write smoothly on paper.

They come in a really nice container for storage that props open for you to use the pens. The colors are visible on both ends of the marker so you can easily see which color you are grabbing.

I find them to be a much higher quality writing experience versus the Flair pen and prefer them ten times over.

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