About KG Fonts

KG Fonts is the creative brainchild of Kimberly Geswein. Kimberly has created over 350 fonts since she first started dipping her toes into the font world in 2006. You can find Kimberly’s work just about everywhere- from Skittles packaging to Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” album to a spot on The Office S9E2 where Dwight Schrute refers to KG Only Hope as a “ridiculous font”. Currently, her most popular fonts include KG Red Hands, KG Happy, and KG A Little Swag. As a lifelong doodler and lover of all things artistic, Kimberly enjoys using font creation to express her optimistic view on life. Her firm belief is that even in our darkest days, we can seek out little moments of joy.

KG’s Personal Favorite Fonts

Kimberly’s personal picks from her font collection include: KG What A Time, KG Always A Good Time, KG Only Angel, KG Holocene, KG No Matter What, KG She Persisted, KG Eliza Schuyler Script, KG Sorry Not Sorry, KG All of Me, and KG When Oceans Rise.

Classroom Resources

Kimberly comes from a family of educators and spent time in the classroom herself- teaching photography and theater. KG Fonts features several educator-friendly staples including the popular KG Primary Penmanship series. As Kimberly became involved in the online teaching community, she saw a need for easy-to-use symbol (dingbat) fonts that solved teachers’ challenges in creating math and language resources. Some examples of those dingbat series include KG Fractions, KG Traditional Fractions, KG Teacher Helpers, KG Arrows, and KG Build A Game. All KG Fonts are free for classroom use. If you create something you wish to share and distribute online on a website (such as Teachers Pay Teachers), a desktop license covers usage of one font for only $5*.

About Kimberly

Kimberly has 2 adult daughters and has been married for 20+ years to Keith Geswein. She spends her free time rooting for her beloved Louisville Cardinals women’s basketball team and volleyball team. She loves all creative endeavors from watercolor painting to photography- and even spent summer 2019 photographing WNBA games for a few media outlets. She started playing piano in 2022 and is determined to someday be good enough to sing and play at an open mic night.

Kimberly enjoys sharing her health journey (including losing over 125 pounds through diet and exercise) on her @KgHealthyLife Instagram, her personal life on her @KimberlyGeswein Instagram, and her positive thoughts and quotes on her @KimberlyGesweinFonts Instagram.

*A Desktop License covers things like use in digital images, logos, TPT products, social media posts, and more, but you may need to check if another license is more appropriate.