Do I need to pay to use your fonts?

It depends on how you’re using the font. KG Fonts are free for personal use, but you’ll need to purchase a license for commercial use.

What is personal use?

Personal use is free. What’s personal use? A baby shower invite for yourself or a friend. (If you sell the invite, it is no longer personal use.) High school yearbooks and newspapers. Classroom use. (Note: If you sell your products on a website like TpT, it is commercial, not personal use. All TpT products require a license- both free and paid items.) Embroidering a gift for a friend. A letter to grandma.

Personal use is basically any use in which you do not profit, directly or indirectly, from the use of the font. Ask yourself, “Do I make money from this in any way?” and if the answer is yes, it is no longer personal use.

What counts as commercial use?

Commercial use is generally any use by a business or individual that generates profit. This includes but is not limited to logos, advertisements, websites, income-generating blogs, and product labels.

What does a Desktop License cover?

You may:

  • Use the font for one user on multiple computers/devices.
  • Sell products using the font on the product (t-shirts, mugs, TpT products, etc…)
  • Embed the font into an editable teaching product.
  • Use the font in a logo, graphic, or other advertisement.
  • Use the font in a digital scrapbooking product that is sold for personal use.
  • Use the font in a rubber stamp or digital stamp. (Note: You may create alphas but you **must** do something to the letters- you can’t just save them as png- you must create something using the letters first- for example, saving the letter a typed in black is not acceptable. Making the letter a chevron and putting it on digital chipboard before saving it is fine. If you have questions about your usage, please email me a sample for approval at [email protected].)
  • Create and sell word art for usage on Silhouette or other vinyl/paper cutting devices. (Note: You may NOT create alphabets and sell them this way, as this would be creating a derivative of the font itself and selling it.)

You may not:

  • Create bulletin board letter sets that are black and white to be printed on colored paper. Any bulletin board or alphabet sets must have substantial changes from the original lettering- not just a basic black outline of the original letter. Your artwork should be your own original artwork- it must be uniquely and distinctly your creation in order to sell it. If you have any questions on this, please contact me for approval.
  • Use the font in a customer-interactive product without purchasing a higher-use license. (For example, a photo-editing website that allows for customers to use the font on photos. You would need a Server License for this use.)
  • Create a font derived from the font (including Android, iOS, Embroidery, etc…)
  • Embed the font in an app. (Please purchase an Application license for this use.)
  • Use the font as an embedded webfont. (Please license from Fontspring for webfonts. Note: my oldest fonts are not available on Fontspring. For those fonts, you may purchase a standard license from me and use the handy tools at FontSquirrel to convert to a webfont.)
  • Embed the font in an editable product that is sold for commercial use. (CU4CU)