Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot Marker

Fun dot markers for special projects.
  • Comes in several fun colors
  • Makes nice round dots that are variable in size with the amount of pressure applied
  • Matching fineliner on the opposite end of the dual-ended pens
  • Most colors are a little too pastel for my tastes
  • Not terribly versatile- makes dots and makes dots well.

About Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot Marker

What do I like about these Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot Markers?
These are fun markers for decorating envelopes or working on projects where you want to make nice round dots. They have a specific purpose and they do it well.

Are they a must-have item?
If you make a lot of dots, they are pretty cool to have. If you don’t, you don’t need them. I like dots of all kinds on clothing and artwork and anything in-between. So decorating an envelope or filling letters with dots is fun for me. I like the simplicity of using these markers because you get a nice round dot and you can vary the size based on how much pressure you use.

Any tips?
These markers come in a single tip version with just a dot and a dual tip version that has a matching fineliner for writing. I think it’s worth it to get the matching fineliner because the ink matches perfectly.

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