Pentel Brush Sign Pen

My most-favorite, most-loved pen for hand-lettering.
Pentel Brush Pen
  • 24 vibrant beautiful colors
  • Long-lasting ink
  • Quick drying
  • Strong nibs that don't give out over time
  • I want every color under the sun! More more more!

About Pentel Brush Sign Pen

What makes this pen so great?

This is really lovely brush pen if you enjoy handlettering with thick downstrokes and thinner upstrokes. The texture of the pen nib is just right for the way that I hold my pen and the amount of pressure I prefer to use when writing.

How many colors does it come in?

The Pentel Sign Brush Pen comes in 24 colors.

Can you write on dark and light papers with this pen?

No, you can only write on light papers with this pen. It is not opaque and will not work on darker papers.

What are the best things to use this kind of pen on?

I like using the Pentel Sign Brush Pen if I’m working on a card or addressing an envelope. It’s so easy to make things look fancy!

If you’re using my lessons on Learning to Letter, I highly recommend these pens for practicing.



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