Pentel Sparkle Pop Gel Pens

Smooth bold point gel pens that work incredibly well on both light and dark papers.
Pentel Sparkle Pop
  • Shows up on all colors of paper
  • Lovely thick bold point
  • Smooth writing- pen doesn't catch on paper surface
  • Because of color-changing ink that performs differently on different papers, it can be hard to predict what color you will end up with
  • Only comes in 8 colors- 8 beautiful colors- but only 8

About Pentel Sparkle Pop Gel Pens

A TikTok follower recommended these pens to me and I am completely in love.

How shimmery are they?

The most glittery, luxuriously shimmery you ever did shimmy! They are almost holographic if you hold your paper at different angles. I didn’t expect the black pen to come out with a dark red ink! That was a surprise!

How is the writing experience?

Heavenly. They don’t catch on paper. They just flow smoothly like butter. The ink comes out pretty quickly so you don’t have to go super slowly to get a bold line. I love a nice bold line and this is fantastic!

Do they work on both light and dark papers?

They most definitely do! Some colors show up a little better on one type of paper, but they all show up on both light and dark papers.

How quickly do they dry?

In about 30 seconds.



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