Outus 3-Piece Telescopic Cat Pencil Organizers

Ridiculously cute pencil organizers perfect for portable pen storage.
Outus 3-Piece Telescopic Cat Pencil Organizers
  • Fits 20-40 pens depending on type
  • Easy to slide the top down to see what color you are grabbing
  • Stable base stands up pretty securely
  • If the bag isn't full, it can be tricky to keep it standing upright.

About Outus 3-Piece Telescopic Cat Pencil Organizers

I have these in 2 versions- the cat version and the boba tea version. I love them both!

How do I use these pen organization bags?

I sort my pens by type, so I have all of my Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pens in one bag, all of my Zig Clean Color pens in another bag, etc. Then if I am working on a project, I just grab the bag that has the type of pens I need. It helps keep me somewhat organized so my pens are not a giant mess.

How many pens can fit in one bag?

This depends on the type of pens you’re using. I have 38 Sakura Gelly Roll pens in one bag and could fit a few more. I have 20 Ecoline Brush Pens and can’t really fit any more at all in there. So if you’ve got fatter pens, you’ll obviously fit fewer pens in the bag.

What else can these bags be used for?

I’ve seen people use them for makeup brush organization and pencils and paint brushes. Pretty much anything pen-shaped should fit in it!

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