Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

Make delicious creamy, healthy protein-filled frozen yogurt at home!

Not an ad, but if @ninjakitchen wants to sponsor me I am here for it! ❤️ My recipe here: 1.5 cups Oikos greek yogurt 2 scoops vanilla Premier protein powder 4 packets of True Lemon Stir, Freeze. Run ice cream cycle on Creami. Add 1/4 cup milk of choice. Remix. Enjoy! #ninjacreami #ninjacreamirecipe #ninjacreamiproteinicecream #lemonsherbet #proteinshake

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Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker
  • Amazingly creamy frozen desserts
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Price per pint is ridiculously cheaper than commercial protein ice creams
  • You need to plan in advance and freeze ingredients
  • It's not quiet, but it is blending things that are frozen rock hard, so don't expect that!

About Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

I cannot say enough about my Ninja CREAMi.

Why the CREAMi and not just a blender?

I kept seeing TikToks of protein frozen yogurt that looked delicious, but I am a bargain hunter and I just didn’t want to invest that much money into a kitchen appliance when I already own a Vitamix and a Ninja Smoothie Bowl Maker.

This is truly different and worth having. You get thick, rich, creamy frozen desserts that taste even better than storebought ice creams and frozen yogurts and you have complete control over ingredients. I was shocked that something as simple as a cup and a half of soy milk mixed with 2 scoops of caffe latte protein powder gave me ridiculously delicious coffee ice cream. I’ve tried every frozen dessert out there that’s low in sugar and stuff I make in the CREAMi beats all of it.

How do you use a CREAMi?

You mix up your ingredients and put them in a special CREAMi pint container and freeze them for 24 hours. (I have done overnight and that’s fine, but they say to do it 24 hours!) You put the pint container into the CREAMi and click a button and it works for a few minutes and then you remove the container, add a splash of milk of your choice (or water if you are doing just frozen fruit for a sorbet) and then return it to the machine and do a “respin” to make it creamier and fluffier. After the initial mix, it will look dry and powdery, but do not despair! Add the milk and do the respin and it comes out incredibly creamy and perfect!

Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker2

I’ll be adding my healthy recipes for things I make in my CREAMi. I prefer to eat low-sugar, higher protein, and lower fat. I am absolutely blown away by the CREAMi and use it at least once a day. Protein has been vital to my recovery from surgeries and this makes it so easy to get enough protein in my day! I look forward to my froyo every day!

Can you add chunks to your frozen treats?

Absolutely! After mixing, you can add any little extras like peanut butter cups or chocolate chips or pretzels and click “mix-ins” and it will incorporate them into your dessert. Delicious!

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