Medvance Silicone Tape

Skin-friendly silicone tape that also works on scars!
Medvance Silicone Tape
  • perfect for sensitive skin
  • much cheaper than scar tapes
  • more expensive than paper tape
  • not strong enough to hold drains in place

About Medvance Silicone Adhesive Tape

When do I use Medvance Silicone Tape?

This silicone tape has quickly become one of my favorite recovery products. My skin breaks down from nearly all adhesive products, but this silicone tape leaves absolutely zero residue on my skin and works perfectly to hold gauze in place. It’s stretchy and durable and you can stick and restick multiple times and it still works.

Is this a scar tape dupe?

Later, I realized that I could use it as a scar tape instead of the very expensive Mederma scar tape that I was previously using. My scars faded nicely using this tape.

After my incisions had fully healed, I actually reused the tape- during a shower I would stick the pieces onto a ziploc bag and after the shower I would reapply them to dry, clean skin. I wouldn’t do that if you have new incisions or any scabbing whatsoever or any reason to suspect any kind of infection. (This is not medical advice!)

I went through this pretty quickly after surgery so I found the 3-pack of 1″ tape to be the most economical for my needs.

When would I use something else other than Medvance Silicone Tape?

Unfortunately, this tape was not strong enough to hold my drain tubes in place after my mastectomy, but for gauze it was perfect. For drains, I prefer Nexcare Paper Tape.

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