Lime Creamsicle Protein Ice Cream ~ Ninja CREAMi

Light and limey creamy ice cream that tastes like summer and sunshine.

This Lime Creamsicle Protein ice cream is a unique and delicious treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth while also providing a boost of protein. The flavor of lime is prominent in each spoonful, giving the ice cream a refreshing and tangy taste that is perfect for the warmer months.


Calories 340
Fat 9g
Carbohydrates 15g
Protein 49g


Lime Creamsicle Protein Ice Cream ~ Ninja CREAMi Directions

  1. Mix all ingredients in Ninja CREAMi pint container. I use a handheld milk frother to get things fully mixed.  
  2. Freeze container for 24 hours. (I do it overnight and that’s enough but Ninja recommends 24 hours.)
  3. Put in Ninja CREAMi and run a Lite Ice Cream cycle.
  4. Add a splash of milk and run a Re-Spin cycle. If you like yours extra-creamy, you can re-spin again. If you like yours more dense, don’t add milk and just respin until you get your preferred texture.

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