There are several different license types available. Take a look to determine which one suits your needs. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding licensing or pricing.


The Desktop license covers the most common uses. Each license covers one user to create graphics and files for things like logos, mockups, work sheets, type/text designs, etc. and use those images on tangible products like business cards, books, and shirts in some documents and other digital files. Unless you need to embed the font in an application, website, electronic publication, editable pdfs, or use it on a server, the desktop license will work great for you. You will need to type in the number of users you want to license. Users are the number of people or computers who will be allowed to access the font. Common uses covered by the Desktop License include Graphic Designs (logos, signs, stationary, etc.) and use on Products (mugs, t-shirts, hats, etc.).

See Demo Desktop EULA


The EPub License allows you to embed fonts into eBooks, eMagazines, and eNewspapers.

See Demo EPub EULA


The Application License allows you to embed a font into applications (mobile, computer, etc.) provided the app does not allow end-users to create something using the font. If you would like to license font use in more than one application, you will need to type the quantity in above.

See Demo Application EULA


The Embroidery License allows you to create and sell embroidery font files, provided you keep the original name of the font and link to this website as the place to acquire the font in its original format.

See Demo Embroidery EULA


The Server License allows you to install a font on the server of a product creation website, which enables its customers to customize and purchase product creations (t-shirts, business cards, etc.) using the licensed fonts. If you would like to license font use in more than one such website, you will need to type the quantity in above.

See Demo Server EULA

KG Font Collection License

The KG Font Collection License is a bulk desktop license that includes all of the KG fonts.