Bouncy and Quirky Brush Lettering Guide


About Bouncy and Quirky Brush Lettering Guide


Hand-lettering friends! You asked. I answered. Modern lettering in a brush calligraphy style that is fresh and funky and fun! Introducing the Bouncy and Quirky Brush Lettering Guide!

This guide is created for those who have graduated from my original brush lettering guide. This guide will help you learn and practice BOUNCY & QUIRKY lettering styles.

I’ve created this so it can be used two different ways:

1. Printable: Print these pages and use them with a brush pen to practice paper lettering. Use a brush pen for the best results. If you don’t have a brush pen, you can add thickness to letters by going back and adding to the areas that should be thicker to make a faux calligraphy style.

2. Digital: Use these pages in Procreate with an iPad and Apple Pencil. NOTE: YOU MUST USE APPLE PENCIL. Pressure sensitivity is a must and other styluses will not give you the same effect.

What is included?

  • Basic Guidelines of Bouncing Letters: Traceable practice pages that explain the basic fundamentals of bouncing your letters. (Hint: The biggest rule is HAVE FUN!)
  • Basic Letter Combination Practice Pages: A page each of cursive and print letter combinations to get your brain used to the bouncy attitude.
  • Word Practice Pages: Themed pages of words to trace and then write on your own in both cursive and print bouncy styles.
  • Quotes to Practice: When you’ve completed all of the alphabet guides, you can practice your new skill with 11 handlettered quotes.
  • Blank Practice Sheet: Write anything you want on a lined blank practice sheet.
  • Bonus Procreate Brush: A custom brush for lettering that I use in my own work. This thick-thin brush is very easy for new letterers to get used to pressure sensitivity. **NOTE: This is a new brush JUST for this set. It is not the same brush included in my first guide!**
  • Tutorials: Tips and tricks on installation, printing, and lettering. I have included both a Procreate-specific tutorial and a printable-guide-specific tutorial.
  • Printable Pages in 2 Sizes: 2 Sizes offered so you can use thicker or thinner brushes. I like practicing both sizes for different muscle control skills.
  • This guide is for personal use only. You may use this in your classroom with students or for your own use. You may not redistribute these pages outside of that usage and may not sell them as your own.

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